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Wherever you wander

At Wander Goods, we want to inspire you to get out and Wander with a capital “W”. We also want to inspire you to get out and do some good. Life is full of good people helping one another, and that makes life richer for all of us.

We have the ability each day to step out into the world, rain or shine, and do good. Have an inspiring story to share about someone you know? We want to Get the Goods on them. Doing good is infectious, and we want to hear about it. Each month, we’ll pick a story to share, and post it to our website.

For our part, we see helping the Boys & Girls Clubs as helping our communities. We’ll donate a percentage of our net profits to the Boys & Girls Clubs to start a pilot program called, “Preparing People for Life.” It’s a program that will help the kids with life skills, and their communities to prepare for life, and stay alive in the event of a disaster.

We have in mind other ways to help them down the road. With your support for our success, we’ll do just that.


We hope to hear from you soon!


…wherever you wander, do some good…