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No company gets off the ground without a whole lot of behind the scenes help. The cast of characters is in no particular order, but I’d like to express my extreme gratitude towards all.


Sheila K – who sent me my initial fabrics to play with, and provided me with my first industry contacts – and knows everyone in town

Carisa B – who is the most patient and affable sewing (and social media) instructor and owner of Made Sewing Studio

Paul S – who led me by the hand at the OR show and beyond to learn the ropes of the industry and offered kind advice in life and work

Daniela C – who worked on the initial designs that still have her influence and aesthetic

Diane S-E – who has been my sounding board and reality check for design, fabrics and all one-off industry questions

Maura G – my extraordinary fit model, photography model and professional voice over who can fly through the air in hot pursuit of a bus

Catherine and Larry – who know fabrics like nobody’s business, and have always been patient with my attempts to work with them

Carol D – who rode the ups and downs of life and patternmaking with me and has experience and kindness beyond her years

Cathy L – who worked with me to create a great logo and product art and get the colors right

Brady Wolf – with Brady Wolf Photography who took all the amazing photos and video shots and worked his magic to make everything look great

Dee H and Nityia P – who know how to put the swing in the wrap skirts and strut them with flair

Thelma – the dressform - who let us pin her and pose her for hours

David O – a kind and multi-talented marketing guru who walked me through the processes of branding and messaging


David V – my ongoing SBA mentor who always asks the right questions and makes the right comments


My dad – who kept checking in and calling with words of encouragement with each challenge


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