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One soggy, dark morning in Seattle, I was standing at a bus stop in my waterproof jacket and scrubs, heading off to the hospital. Contrary to popular belief, many of us in Seattle don’t use umbrellas, and when it rains sideways - good luck staying dry.   After countless days arriving for work soaked from the waist down, I devised a simple rain wrap skirt. It easily wrapped over my scrubs, kept me blissfully dry, and made it much easier to use public transportation to and from work. You see, I’m not a fan of rain pants. They’re just a necessary evil when biking, and so darn fussy. To my surprise, the first day I wore my rain wrap skirt to work, a group of my colleagues said they wanted one. That was my “hmmmm” moment.

So after a good many iterations of my rain wraps, I offer them to you. I hope you find them as simple and stylish as I do to make it easy to wander outside. You’ll find many uses for them. Tell me about how you use yours.

Wander whatever the weather…



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